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About the author

Kara-Kys Donghak Arakchaa was born in 1950 in the village of Urbyun (Chaa-Hol region, the Republic of Tuva). Her mother, Uynook Alevtina Chadambye, is a teacher. Her farther, Donghak Damdynchap Arakchaa, is a journalist.


In 1967 she completed Shagonar school No.l and entered the Moscow State University (Department of Chemistiy). Her professional career began in 1972 as a laboratory assistant at a mercury plant.


From 1973 to 1986 she was a laboratory assistant, assistant, senior teacher, senior lecturer in Kyzyl State Teachers Training Institute (Department of Chemistiy). In 1980 she wrote her master thesis (in chemistiy) and in 1985 got an academic status of assistant professor.

From 1986 to 1992 she was scientific secretary, senior researcher in the Tuvian complex department of the Siberian Section of the Russian Academy of Scientists. In 1993 Kara-Kys Arakchaa became the head of the newly created Laboratory of the natural medicinal water resources of the Republic of Tuva (shortly «arjaan Laboratory»).

Nowadays K. D. Arakchaa is a member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly - the Parliament of the Russian Federation (of the first convocation, 1994-95). She works in the Committee on nationalities and heads the Subcommittee on national-state system of the Russian Federation. Simultaneously she remains the head of the arjaan Laboratory.

K. D. Arakchaa is an author of about 50 scientific works and has certificates of invention. In 1987 she was awarded an honorable title «The Inventor of the USSR» and in 1988 became a laureate of the Ail-Union Society of Inventors among women.

In 1992 she was chosen among the contestants as a member of the International programme of the Rockefeller Fund «Environment and Development». As a member of this programme she participated in international ecological forums: in 1993 in Chang-Mae (Thailand), in 1994 in Harare (Zimbabve).

Kara-Kys Arakchaa delivered a report about the phenomenon of arjaan healing treatment at the second joint international Russian-American conference dedicated to the problem of water resources (1993, Washington, USA).

In july 1994, as a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from a national republic (Tuva), K. D. Arakchaa took part in the work of the 12-th session of the UN working group on the native population (Geneva, Switzerland).

She has a grown-up daughter and a grandson.

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